In Search Of… 13×30 mins

Each half hour explores one theme through three stories examining our common goals and desires. Anchorless, with an optional narration in English, IN SEARCH OF can be tailored to diverse television markets in various languages.

This stimulating journey around the globe illuminates our similarities and differences, providing an entertaining, intimate and intricate look into the human race.

Sample Episode: 5: Traditional Healing

Most of us expect doctors backed by science and technology to treat us, but for many in Africa the preferred choice are Sangoma’s and Inyanga’s or Healers and Herbalists.

We profile Sangoma Michael Imhlongo in his village treatment mud hut. His clientele come to him from ailments ranging from sexual diseases to problems of the ‘heart’- lost or broken love. His remedies range from tars and pastes to special sacrifices to trap evil spirits.

Sangoma Imhlongo offers cures for unrequited love. He is currently treating Fikele Intoolee. This is her second visit.

Makose Shez visits our Sangoma. She is a registered hospital nurse and a Sangoma Healer. Makose Shez guides us into the spiritual and herbalist world of the Sangoma.


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