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Meet Martin Himel

Martin Himel is a Television director, producer and senior correspondent. Through his two production companies, Vigilance Productions Inc. and Elsash Productions Ltd., he has produced major television series, ground-breaking documentaries and news coverage for major American, Canadian and European broadcasters…


We are proud of this award! The ARREST documentary premiered on TVO Canada. The documentary focuses on the tens of thousands of unjustified arrests that ruin lives even though the charges are ultimately dropped. 

Andres, a 68 year old Canadian law-abiding grandfather was beaten and arrested by a police officer while his neighbour’s house was on fire. His crime? He refused to go back into his Toronto house because the gas main could blow up…

Zoomer Media is pleased to announce the World Premiere of Martin Himel’s film “BLASPHEMY”. Blasphemy premieres Monday September 28th at 9pm on the Vision TV. network.

Shaan Taseer lives every day of his life looking over his shoulder. He has been charged with Blasphemy in his native Pakistan, and faces a death Fatwa sentence. Shaan has found refuge in Canada, and continues to wage war against Blasphemy Laws. Shaan’s family…

For the first time, a film crew goes undercover and infiltrates ISIS. In this World Exclusive by filmmaker Martin Himel, two undercover investigators lure ISIS into revealing the recruiting secrets.

We show what no one has shown before – real time recruitment of Western men and women to ISIS. We also profile and interview an ISIS recruiter. Like the finest spy story, Himel ’s film begins with the training of two brave young…

News & Current Affairs

PBS Newshour

First broadcast on PBS Newshour. Behind the frontlines in Iraq with the all-female unit within the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The women are on the front lines of a fierce battle against the Islamic State. Some of them are widows; their husbands were killed in operations against the Turkish military. Should America decide to back the PKK, it would mean upsetting the USA’s longtime ally, Turkey.

PBS Newshour

Nearly nine years after Brett, a US army veteran, served his last mission in Iraq, he came back. This time he was not fighting for the US army, but as a volunteer for Kurdish Peshmerga forces. For Brett, it was an ideological decision. “Most people don’t understand what persecution is,” says Brett. He is a devout Christian, and felt compelled to help the Kurds achieve freedom from the tyranny of Islamic State.

NBC News

First broadcast on NBC. Although fearful of change, North Korea is resigned to the fact that without adapting, change will ultimately invade and possibly defeat the regime.  Himel takes an unprecedented tour of hospitals and schools that lack the fundamental basics to provide health care and education and meets a man who escaped from the Gulag to South Korea.