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PBS Newshour

First broadcast on PBS Newshour. Behind the frontlines in Iraq with the all-female unit within the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. The women are on the front lines of a fierce battle against the Islamic State. Some of them are widows; their husbands were killed in operations against the Turkish military. Should America decide to back the PKK, it would mean upsetting the USA’s longtime ally, Turkey.

PBS Newshour

We profile Palestinian medic Fadi Afana saving lives in Gaza and Israeli medic Moishe Paskesz saving the wounded in Southern Israel. They are on opposite sides of the Hamas-Israel war but much bonds them together.

PBS Newshour

Nearly nine years after Brett, a US army veteran, served his last mission in Iraq, he came back. This time he was not fighting for the US army, but as a volunteer for Kurdish Peshmerga forces. For Brett, it was an ideological decision. “Most people don’t understand what persecution is,” says Brett. He is a devout Christian, and felt compelled to help the Kurds achieve freedom from the tyranny of Islamic State.

NBC News

First broadcast on NBC. Although fearful of change, North Korea is resigned to the fact that without adapting, change will ultimately invade and possibly defeat the regime.  Himel takes an unprecedented tour of hospitals and schools that lack the fundamental basics to provide health care and education and meets a man who escaped from the Gulag to South Korea.

PBS Newshour

The terror attack at a Kosher supermarket in Paris called attention to rising anti-Semitism in France. This week, attackers slashed three soldiers guarding a Jewish community center in Nice…

WorldFocus WNET

There is no sign that the building of Israeli settlements will cease. Economic and ideological settlers continue to flock to the West Bank and East Jerusalem…

WorldFocus WNET

Though he is vilified in the U.S. as one of the 20th centurys most brutal dictators, and despite the countless deaths his purges caused, Josef Stalin is once again being hailed in Russia…

Al Jazeera

Most farms in South Africa are still owned by the minority white community. Facing uncertainty they take measures to protect their land.

Dan Rather Reports. Israeli troops battle Hamas in Gaza.

PBS World Focus

The Canadian contribution to Afghanistan has generally received little attention, even though there are 2,500 Canadian troops in Afghanistan, mostly in the dangerous southern areas…