Angels with Broken Wings

An investigative documentary into the shocking state of psycho-neurological ward in Russian hospitals. This documentary reveals what has rarely if ever seen on Western TV.

One out of every six Russian children abandoned by parents is labelled “oligophrenic” – “small brained”.

30,000 out of almost 200,000 children living in orphanages are given this label, effectively condemning them to life in the ward. One in three will die within a year. The rest deteriorate mentally, due to emotional neglect.

Levina and the 230 other families of parents bridge have adopted children declared oligophrenic just before they were to enter the closed psycho-neurological ward. She nicknames them her “angels with broken wings.” We document how most of these children have grown into functioning teenagers. Meanwhile, the fate of one child, baby Luska, hangs in the balance.


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