End of Days

Donna Holbrook possesses unflinching faith in the Second Coming of the Messiah – the return of Jesus Christ. A devout Evangelical Christian, she believes that Biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes, and that Christ will return at the impending “End of Days”, a time when God’s righteousness will reign supreme. She also believes that the Jews, and their return to Israel – the Holy Land – have a pivotal role to play in these events. She is a Christian Zionist.

For Donna Holbrook, the road to End of Days is not easy. Adhering strictly to the words of the Old and New Testaments, she believes the path is one of both inspiration and calamity, of struggle between Good and Evil, and of humankind’s free choice between embracing Right or Wrong, God or Satan.

Her beliefs are shared by the more than 60 million Evangelicals in Canada and the U.S. – an increasingly powerful social and political force with influence that extends all the way to the White House.


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