North Korea: Desperate or Deceptive

Global Television Network, PBS Newshour, CNN International and TV 2 Netherlands

The one-hour documentary North Korea: Desperate or Deceptive probes into this closed society like never before to examine its changing social, political and economic landscape. Although fearful of change, North Korea is resigned to the fact that without adapting, change will ultimately invade and possibly defeat the regime. North Korea: Desperate or Deceptive Deceptive was broadcast on the Global Television Network, as well as PBS Newshour, CNN International and TV 2 in the Netherlands.

Himel takes an unprecedented tour of hospitals and schools that lack the fundamental basics to provide health care and education and meets a man who escaped from the Gulag to South Korea. The documentary features candid interviews with doctors, teachers, principals and students who talk openly about the terrible problems. The documentary also takes a rare look into the arts and discovers a much more human side of North Korean life.

But is North Korea changing out of desperation or deception? While burdened economically, its Gulag prison camps still flourish. It is also arming with nuclear weapons.


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