Foreign Correspondent 8×30 min

Veteran foreign correspondent Martin Himel takes you on a tantalizing journey throughout the globe to find out how various societies love, marry, pray, find cures, discover their past.

Each half hour explores one theme through three stories from three different countries.

Example Episode: Relationships

Polygamy – Utah, USA

We see how Jeff Hanks tries to share love with three wives.

Women Body Guards – Moscow, Russia

The stereotype is Man protects Woman. But in Moscow its Women who are now often protecting very rich Men.

Cyberlove- Australia, USA, Canada

Mark and Sharon are Internet lovers living a half a world apart. They have never met. Internet Romance is becoming increasing more common.


Who's Behind the Blog

Martin Himel is a Television director, producer and senior correspondent. Through his two production companies – Elsash Productions Ltd. and Vigilance Productions Inc. he has produced major television series, ground-breaking documentaries and news coverage for major American, Canadian and European broadcasters…