Infidelity 4X30 min

CBC Documentary Channel Infidelity has existed since the beginning of humanity. It has been universally condemned and universally practiced.

This four part documentary doesn’t just talk about affairs, Infidelity profiles the people having the affairs and discovers that infidelities are complex issues with complex reasons and don’t boil down to simple lust and mischief.

In Episode One we meet Julio, Mark, and Albert. They are all having affairs. They all want to stay married. They all say they love their wives, and their families. And they all contend that without the affairs their marriages would be in grave danger. Are they sinners? Immoral? Or are they just trying to do their best keeping imperfect but cherished marriages alive? We then turn to a new phenomenon – a growing number of men over 65 looking for extra marital affairs. Bruce is 66 years old. He is searching for an affair but is plagued by guilt, by the possibility of betraying his wife of more than 20 years. Menopause and physical discomfort has ended her sex life. Ann Bercht believes Noel Biderman is destroying thousands of marriages. Ann and her husband Brian overcame a deep marital crisis because of Brian’s infidelity and now they try to help other couples gripped by an Infidelity crisis, through their Passion-Life seminars.

Episode Two follows Stephania and Regan. Stephania was a housewife, 11 years married, raising two children, lonely, and growing apart from her husband. She then found Mike (already married) through Ashley Madison. We profile their affair, how they met, and maintained their relationship. Our modern society still condemns Stephania with much greater severity than men who engage in affairs. We find out how Stephania pays a big price for her relationship. Popular perception often states that men search for sex in extra-marital relations, while women search for love, and understanding in their affairs. Breaking the stereotype is Regan. She wants to stay married, but her husband suffers from incurable sexual dysfunction. Regan’s solution is to search for sex partners.

Epiode Three examines Open Marriage. It’s certainly not easy. Jealousy has to be coped with constantly. In this episode we delve into the complex world of polyamory- open marriage with many loves. Reid and Allison are in what they describe as a primary relationship. They both have several lovers in casual relationships. We discover how Reid and Allison manage their outside relationships that also cross gender lines. Connie and Henry have been married over thirty years. Connie has taken Peter as a lover. Henry allows Connie and Peter to meet in the house. Janae transitioned from Fundamentalist Mormon Polygamy to Polyamory. Janae and her second husband, Brad travel to Maui where they try to develop a four-way relationship with Sasha and Janet Lessin. We discover the challenges in establishing a “poly-pod of love.”

Episode Four looks at Sex Addiction. Is there actually a genuine condition called sexual addiction, or is this an excuse for serial philanderers to take a stint in rehab in order to excuse their behavior? Paul is a small-business owner, works hard, supports his wife and two children in a middle class LA suburb and attends Church regularly. Paul’s life falls apart when his secret addiction to pornography and escorts gets him in trouble with the law. He is going to jail in several weeks. David Zaylor is trying to help Paul. He runs Operation Integrity; a Church based Sex Addiction Anonymous (SAA) 12 step program. David was a sex and drug addict. He was a porn star for many years. He has now established a network of SAA meetings in Southern California Churches. Psychotherapists like Dr Marty Klein are highly critical of branding the problem as an addiction. He believes far too many men and women use the “Honey I am sick” excuse to evade responsibility once they have been caught.


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