Pensioner Power

Vision TV

Did you know that 75% of Canadians 65 and older voted in the 2011 Federal Election, but only 46% of Canadians 18 – 44 turned out at the polls?

As Canadians prepared to vote in the Federal Election, Executive Producer and CARP President Moses Znaimer announces Pensioner Power, a groundbreaking documentary from award-winning filmmaker Martin Himel that explores senior political clout around the world. Filmed in the Middle East, Canada, the USA and Slovenia – the documentary explores which countries really give their pensioners real power.

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Who's Behind the Blog

Martin Himel is a Television director, producer and senior correspondent. Through his two production companies – Elsash Productions Ltd. and Vigilance Productions Inc. he has produced major television series, ground-breaking documentaries and news coverage for major American, Canadian and European broadcasters…