Secrets of Survival

CBC Documentary Channel

Premiered April 9th 2017

Canadian Malka Rosenbaum discovers she has a sister born in the Holocaust. Where is she? German Juergen Ulloth finds out he has a different Father, an American WW2 soldier. Who is he? We follow their common search, as they discover the Secrets hidden from them about their past.

Secrets of Survival has been entered by CBC Canada for the HotDocs and Tribeca Film Festivals.

World War Two ripped apart millions of families. In order to move on and build new lives, the survivors kept secrets from their newly-created families. In this documentary, we experience how these old secrets come to light. We follow Malka Rosenbaum. Raised in Toronto, she finds out as an adult that she was not an only child. She once had a sister – Esther – who disappeared in the Holocaust.

Juergen Ulloth can never forget the moment his life changed forever. Excited about getting married, he discovers at the Frankfurt City registry that his father was not Erich Ulloth, a WW2 German soldier, but an American soldier who had passed by his mother’s hometown. We follow Malka and Juergen’s search for their loved ones, a search to solve decades-old secrets, a search of self-discovery, a human search that bridges the divide created by conflicts and war.

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