Unit 8200 – Cyber Security Superstars

Vision TV, Canada  |  Premiered May 8th 2017

Three years ago, Ron Reiter shared a Tel Aviv bachelor pad with two of his friends. All in their late twenties pulling 20 hour work days, they were trying to reach their dream of successful start-ups.

Fast forward just three years, Reiter sold his company for $50 million to Oracle, one of his room-mates sold his start up for $320 million to Microsoft and the other friend sold his company for “just” $150 million.

What do they all have in common?

They are not Ivy League graduates from stellar schools. They are Israeli military vets of UNIT 8200, the elite Cyber team of the Israel Defense Forces’ Military Intelligence. In fact 8200 is Israel’s version of the NSA. Only it has just 2000 workers- all soldiers, average age just 19-20 years old.

Cyber security has become a top international priority. 8200 is a top secret Unit. It is responsible for stellar hacking missions.

In our documentary we follow Ofer, Yaron and Oron: three 8200 vets. They have set up Argus Cyber Security.

It is one of the top Cyber security companies in the world developing anti-hacking software for cars. Just barely 30 years old their start-up is valued at close to $200 million. Their clients include the top car manufactures in the US, Germany, Japan, and Korea. In the near future hundreds of millions of cars will be driving autonomously, creating seamless traffic. It’s fertile ground for hackers to disrupt society. Hackers can take over steering wheels, breaks, locks and can create serious damage on the road.

We see how Argus tackles this major challenge.

80% of the staff in Argus are 8200 graduates. Over 80% of the employees in Assaf Rappaport’s Adallom start up are 8200 vets as well. Rappaport recently sold the company to Microsoft for $320 million. The team is now creating software to protect Microsoft’s Cloud. We profile some of the major 8200 entrepreneurs who sold their start-ups for hundreds of millions of dollars, known as “Exiters.”

We follow Inbal Arieli

Forbes Magazine characterized her as one of the top 100 women worldwide in the hi-tech industry. We see how Inbal works with “major Exiters” to guide entrepreneurs developing social utility technology:

  • An App that helps stutterers overcome their handicap.
  • An App that will listen to a person’s speech and determine if they have been afflicted with Brain damage.
  • Special networking to help Jewish Ultra-Orthodox women who have established Start Ups to find financing and generate employment in their impoverished and isolated communities.

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