Follow the Money

Vision TV, Canada. Premiered October 8th 2018

FOLLOW THE MONEY investigates the alliance between radical Islamic terror militias & organized crime. Elad is a professional cyber hacker who spies on terrorists. He goes undercover online to infiltrate Dark Web chat rooms and “stores” where heroin and opiates are sold. Women are traded in sex slavery. Weapons are purchased. The buyers and sellers are criminals and terrorists militias. Elad finds a Dark Net Syrian market where suicide bomber vests are on sale for $200 each. A Tow Missile capable of levelling a small building goes for $5000. Tank shells sell for $300.

FOLLOW THE MONEY features interviews with cyber crime and counter terrorism experts who expose how terror militias throughout the Mid-East North Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have forged alliances with criminal networks worldwide to sell drugs, weapons, and stolen art to fund Al Qeada extremists, Jihadi idealogues, and other terrorist organizations around the world.

Satellite images show ISIS, Syrian militias and Al Quaeda looting archaeological treasures to sell on the Dark Web and smuggled to Europe. The revenue finances purchases of weapons, missiles and ammunition stockpiles. Yaya J. Fanusie, a former counter terrorism analyst for the CIA explains how Bitcoin, Monero and other untraceable digital currencies are enabling terrorist groups to bypass traditional banking systems and move billions across borders to buy weapons and ammunition to finance their terror operations against Israel, and around the world.

Canadian, British and American forensic experts in Libya and Iraq trace the illegal sales of weapons and ammunition to terrorists by tracking serial numbers. Al Qaeda, for example, provides the criminals with smuggling routes from Sub-Sahara to Europe’s shores where they sell drugs and traffic humans.The forensic experts find a crate of Chinese AK 47 automatic rifles that were used by ISIS and AL Qaeda fighters to kill six Canadian aid workers in Burkina Faso.

FOLLOW THE MONEY shows how Hezbollah is working with Venezuela’s VP Tareck El Assiami and Latin American drug cartels to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in drug revenue to buy weapons, missiles, and pay militia salaries.

Our investigation plumbs the depths of the Darknet, where heroin and opiates are sold; where women are traded as sex slaves. Weapons of every dimension can be bought here, as can priceless stolen archaeological artefacts. The sellers? Criminals and terrorist militias.


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