World Premiere: Blasphemy

Zoomer Media is pleased to announce the World Premiere of Martin Himel’s film “BLASPHEMY”. Blasphemy premieres Monday September 28th at 9pm on the Vision TV. network.

Shaan Taseer lives every day of his life looking over his shoulder. He has been charged with Blasphemy in his native Pakistan, and faces a death Fatwa sentence. Shaan has found refuge in Canada, and continues to wage war against Blasphemy Laws. Shaan’s family has paid dearly for this fight. His father, Salman Taseer, a prominent Pakistani Governor. was assassinated by his own bodyguard. Taseer advocated freeing convicted blasphemer Asia Bibi.

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman, was convicted of Blasphemy for drinking water out of a Muslim’s cup. An illiterate farmhand, she was sentenced to death for the act. After 9 years on death row, Pakistan’s President Imran Khan pardoned her. That sparked mass riots across Pakistan. Asia Bibi received refugee asylum in Canada.

Blasphemy laws are still on the books and are vigorously enforced in Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu countries, even with death sentences. Blasphemy is usually understood as a threat to religious dogma. It thwarts freedom of expression.

This documentary profiles anti-Blasphemy activists who escaped death sentences in their native countries and have found refuge in Canada. They continue to help others facing death sentences for alleged Blasphemy charges to escape to Canada– and to freedom.

We follow Saye Skye, an Iranian transgender rapper. When his songs protesting LGBT oppression in Iran went viral, he had to flee Iran and received asylum in Canada. Human rights activist Majed El Shafie was tortured and sentenced to death for Blasphemy in Egypt before he escaped to Canada. We follow him to the Philippines where he works to prevent the deportation of an Iranian beauty Queen Bahareh Zare Bahari to Iran. She faces certain rape and death in Iran for committing Blasphemy- advocating Women’s rights.

Many believe that Blasphemy is a medieval concept that disappeared centuries ago. Blasphemy laws are surprisingly still on the books and vigorously enforced in various countries including Germany, Finland, Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and until 2019 in Canada as well.


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